Workshop: Psychological trauma and trauma sensitivity

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Kurstitel: Workshop: Psychological trauma and trauma sensitivity

BEVOS ist aus Teilen der Initiative Berlin Arrival Support (BAS) gewachsen

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Zeitraum: 23. Februar 2023, 18:00 – 21:00 Uhr

Umfang: 3 h

Ansprechpartner:in: Patrick Funk


Themengebiet: Gesundheit, Migration

Fortbildungsart: Einstieg

Beschreibung der Fortbildung:

Interacting with people who have had traumatic experiences can be challenging for volunteers. In this 3 hours online workshop, we will learn more about psychological trauma, its consequences, as well as a trauma-sensitive approach.

The following questions will be addressed and discussed:

What is psychological Trauma?
What are the consequences of psychological trauma?
What does a trauma-sensitive approach mean?

There will be a short break in between the topics to revitalize and the opportunity to discuss and ask questions.


Referentin:nen: Our workshop facilitator will be Till Voigts.
Till Voigts is a psychological psychotherapist at the psychosozial counseling of the “Kontakt- und Beratungsstelle für Flüchtlinge und Migrant_innen” e.V. (KuB).

Kurs-Sprache: Englisch

Kosten: Kostenfrei

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